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Smart Fertilizers & Agri Inputs

Supplying highly efficient Specialty Fertilizers, Bio-stimulants, Organic Fertilzers, by utilizing our wide global business network.


Connecting Agri-tech companies with relevant customers and open efficient distribution channels.

Sustainability & Circular Economy

Converting waste streams and byproducts into valuable products.

About GrowGroup

GrowGroup Israel is a global company of accomplished experts with 30+ years of experience in the field offertilizers, agriculture technologies & sustainability.

Our expertise stretches from mining and production offertilizers, with special emphasis on the Phosphorous chain, through logistics and infrastructure for salesand distribution and up to strategy and branding.



Six steps for growing

Our Special
Ag-Tech and Clean-Tech Offering

Model G-1 : A tailormade greenhouse projects, mainly hydroponic, most of them on a turnkey basis. Company performers the construction, all-in equipment supplies & installation, agronomical support after project, and more. Company usualy perform medium to large projects globally, but also offer small family kits.

Model C-1 : The company is offering Urban farming solution in the type of vertical growing of fresh produce inside a container. Usualy the container is located next to a supermarket, selling the produce packed directly to the supermarket shelves. Main buisness model of the company is offtake agreement with the supermarket, that is buying the fresh produce on constant basis all year round in agreed price model. The company is also very strong and professional in green decorative "Living walls" on buildings and other urban areas.

Model i-1 : Company offers "From Idea to Crop" concept. The company is executing a complete functioning agriculture projects, based on customers' needs. Company executives has over 30 years involvement with irrigation, water and filtration projects all over the world. The company vast experience in various irrigation technologies all over the world enable to offer a tailored solution. Servises of the company:

  • A complete (A to Z) Project management.
  • Initial survey of the area and feasibility study.
  • Irrigation and system water supply design.
  • Filtration stations projects (from water analysis to execution).
  • Supervision and technical support for growers.

Model P-2 : The is one of the leading international companies in the field of Biologically Pest Control, Natural Pollination, and Medfly Control. The method is based on the use of beneficial insects against harmful insects ("good" insects are supplied to "eat" the "bad" insects). The products are sold worldwide, in over 50 countries. One of company main strengths is the extensive knowledge and experience of its Field Service personnel, who support the implementation process at our customer’s sites.

Model CT-1 : The company recovers valuable nutrients from where they shouldn’t be – in water – and transforms them into high-performing sustainable fertilizers, proven to increase yields while reducing runoff. Main customers are municipalities water treatment facilities. The Company is installing a production unit inside the water treatment plant, taking the residuals of phosphorous and nitrogen in the water, adding Magnesium and produce high quality slow-release fertilizers. Company usualy buying the fertilzer from the water treatment plant in agreed prices, and later on sell the fertilzer to local market farming.

Model CT-2 : The Clean-Tech company offers a unique and patented process of Ammonia and Urea removal from waste streams of chemicals plants. Ammonia is the toxic byproduct of virtually every major industrial and agricultural process, and one of the most ubiquitous and costly wastewater pollutant worldwide. Ammonia discharge regulation in most countries is increasingly aggressive, and many billions of dollars are spent annually on its removal. By contrast, the company breakthrough electrochemical solution for ammonia is uniquely reliable, controllable, efficient, low cost, fast, automated, and scalable. It generates zero sludge or other by products and is implemented in-line, within your production process. Commercially available units: Treatment of ammonia and Urea in Fertilizers, chemicals, and energy waste streams, in Israel, Italy and Indonesia. Future processes to come on stream: treatment of TOC, Methanol, Nitrate and Heavy metals.


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